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Bath Canine Hydrotherapy,

Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL

bath canine hydrotherapy

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What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to aid the rehabilitation process.


The Bath Canine Hydrotherapy Centre uses an underwater treadmill as a vital part of particular treatment programmes. It provides partial weight bearing exercise which allows a more comfortable environment for treatment as it reduces the stress on damaged tissues and joints.


It is a very effective way of facilitating a more normal walking pattern following an operation or lameness, and to also perform assisted walking within water following a neurological or spinal problem that may have left the dog with reduced or loss of use of one or more limb. The treatment programme can be graded and easily measured since water levels and speed can be adjusted accordingly.


Muscle wastage (atrophy) will begin within a few days following an injury or period of immobilisation and it is very important to rebuild this muscle bulk as soon as possible. Sometimes it is not appropriate or possible to begin on-land Physiotherapy and so Hydrotherapy can be used as a vital stepping stone to enhance the recovery and start the rehabilitation process sooner.


The properties of water mean that the water-based environment enables effective treatment and rehabilitation. For example; the buoyancy of water reduces the load through joints; the resistance of water increases strength as muscles have to work harder; the hydrostatic pressure of water reduces swelling and oedematous tissues; the therapeutic temperature (~27°C) increases circulation and therefore will improve healing times.


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bath canine hydrotherapy
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Tel: 01225 832521 - Ext 6


Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL