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Bath Canine Hydrotherapy,

Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL

bath canine hydrotherapy

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you"


Thank you for all the work you did with Tessie, my elderly staffie. With severe muscle wastage, from a rescue situation, she needed a gentle approach, and from the moment we met you, first of all for the physiotherapy in our home, I knew you'd be perfect to help her. On trying the swimming pool, it was obvious that little Tessie wasn't too keen, so you quickly switched her to try the water treadmill, which she was much happier on.




"Thank you for the wonderful service"


Thanks for the wonderful service you have provided to Zac, my young and accident prone Labrador Retriever.  You have shown a great understanding and compassion for Zac who had undergone major knee surgery for the second time.  In no small measure has your skill as a physiotherapist hastened Zac's recovery and because he enjoyed so immensely his time with you in the pool we have decided to take a course of fitness sessions to continue his happy times with you. With my and Zacs' sincere thanks.


It's always lovely to get testimonials from clients. Here's a couple of comments from some of my many success stories over the years...

With your professional, qualified and gentle nature with Tessie, I could visibly see improvement in her muscle development and with me being very "precious" over Tessie, I didn't feel any worries at all. I constantly rave about the service you provide with the hydrotherapy, and will continue to bring all my many oldie-rescues to see you when any others need help in the future. Best of luck with the continued good work you do, and I will hopefully see you soon.

"Huge thank you for giving us back our happy walks together"


Our wheaten terrier Guinness tore his Cruciate ligament in his back leg while on a run. After surgery, our lovely vet recommended Lauren for physiotherapy. We didn't even know that existed! Guinness appeared to be walking fairly well after the surgery. Lauren rang the following week and recommended we had a consultation even though I was convinced Guinness was healing well. We kept the appointment and it was the best decision we ever made! Lauren gave Guinness a thorough assessment and explained how Guinness had less muscle on his injured leg, how he was moving and compensating and how the other leg was at risk of a similar injury if he didn't have some therapy. She outlined a course of therapy with "on lead" walks for several weeks with times being increased slowly. Then came the fun part - the water treadmill! Amazingly, Guinness actually enjoyed the experience! In fact, he used to bark excitedly as we drove down the hill to the centre.

Guinness has fully recovered and spends many happy hours scampering through the woods and fields. We owe Lauren a huge thank you for giving us back our happy walks together.

Guiness &

The Smillie Family

"Very professional and friendly "


Following our Jack Russell Marty's operation for patella luxation it located arthritis in his left back leg. He was lifting it up very high when walking. Our vet recommended Lauren

for a course of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment & what a fantastic job she has done with him.

My wife & i never ever thought he would put that leg down again, but he now walks on all four.  We found Lauren to be very professional, very friendly & has the right temperament to get Marty back on his feet.  Thank you so much Lauren for getting Marty back to his normal self.

Arthur & Sue Price


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bath canine hydrotherapy

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