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Bath Canine Hydrotherapy,

Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL

bath canine hydrotherapy

Call Us: 01225 832521- Ext 6

Terms & Conditions

1.  Although we take the utmost care to ensure that water quality and maintenance of our equipment is at a high standard, dogs use our facilities at the owner’s own risk.


2.  Veterinary permission is required prior to the start of treatment (this will be done by the Physiotherapist prior to the initial appointment).


3.  Cancellation policy

    - If an appointment is unattended with no contact, then full charge of the session will apply.

    - If an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24 hours notice, it is at the Manager’s discretion if full charges apply.


4.  Please do not feed your dog for at least THREE hours prior to attending an appointment and ensure the dog has emptied its bowels before arriving. There will be a charge made for dogs that defecate in the water treadmill as appointments following this will have to be cancelled whilst it is cleaned.


5.  Dogs should be as clean as reasonably possible prior to their session.


6.  Bitches in season will not be able to attend until their season has finished.


7.  Contagious/infectious conditions need to be cleared for 2 weeks before treatment can commence.


8.  When visiting Bath Canine Hydrotherapy, it is advised to wear sensible shoes and clothing and take extreme care as the floor can become wet during treatment sessions.


9.  When not undergoing treatment, dogs must be kept on-lead and under control at all times within the Hydrotherapy Unit.


10.  We are not held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property whilst on company premises.


11.  Any fouling on site will be the owner’s responsibility to clean up (please ask if you need a poop bag).


12.  You must inform us if there is any change to your dog’s treatment plan or medications or if your pet’s condition worsens in any way.


13.  All sessions are payable on the day or in advance by block booking, unless you have Veterinary Insurance and have prior agreement for a direct claim.


14.  We reserve the right to cancel any appointment after an incident (for example, after a dog has defecated in the water, or after a power cut) as we do not want to risk the safety of any animal or owner, therefore, please make sure we have up-to-date contact information.


15.  Bath Canine Hydrotherapy reserves the right to use video footage and photographs taken during sessions.

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bath canine hydrotherapy
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Contact Us


Tel: 01225 832521 - Ext 6


Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL