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Bath Canine Hydrotherapy,

Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL

bath canine hydrotherapy

Call Us: 01225 832521- Ext 6

Conditions that benefits from Hydrotherapy

Why is Hydrotherapy beneficial?

  • Aids pre and post operative conditioning

  • Increases range of movement of joints

  • Decreases pain during exercise

  • Decreases stress on healing tissues

  • Aids muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness

  • Reduces muscle spasm and tone

  • Increases speed of recovery

  • Aids weight reduction

  • Aids relaxation

  • Improves circulation

  • Decreases swelling and joint effusion

  • Increases stability to unstable joints

  • Improves psychological well-being/enjoyment for the animal

  • Helps transition to land based exercises

Conditions that may benefit from treatment:

  • Post-operative recovery (e.g. after fractures, cruciate ligament repair, patella fixation, spinal surgery)

  • Orthopaedic conditions (e.g. hip and elbow dysplasia, OCD)

  • Recovery from soft tissue injuries (e.g. bicipital tendonitis, Achilles tendon problems, ligament sprains)

  • Neurological problems (e.g. peripheral nerve damage, spinal problems,  reduced or loss of function of 1 or more limb)

  • Vascular events (e.g. FCE, TIA)

  • Recovery from multiple injuries

  • Lameness

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Dogs who are on restricted lead exercise

  • Overweight dogs needing to reduce weight and increase fitness

  • Maintenance of fitness levels (e.g. in the working, athletic, or elderly dog)

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bath canine hydrotherapy
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Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital,

Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL